Foreign Policy Dispute Sidetracks House Panel

Feb 18, 2016

A Cuban-American House member ran into trouble with fellow Republicans Thursday when he tried to send a message to Washington about the 1960s era Cuban Adjustment Act.

Representative Frank Artiles of Miami doesn’t think Cuban refugees deserve preferential treatment decades after the end of the Cold War.

A Cuban-American lawmaker wants Congress to end preferential treatment for refugees from the island nation, but the wording of his memorial offended a fellow Republican and nearly derailed the legislation.

But he was forced to change the wording of his memorial after a sharp rebuke by Representative Matt Gaetz of Shalimar.

“Given the fact that Cuba is sending missile delivery systems to our stated enemies and to people who hope to create mass casualties in the United States does that in any way erode your confidence that Cuba is not reverting back to a Cold War mentality?”

The legislation is non-binding, but Gaetz wanted to make sure the House wasn’t endorsing President Barack Obama’s reestablishment of diplomatic relations with the communist nation.