Florida's Historic Capitol Expected To Undergo Another Makeover

Oct 12, 2012

Florida’s historic old Capitol is expected to get more repairs starting next year. It’s part of a plan approved by the Florida Legislature that granted 1-million dollars for renovating for the historic building.

Over the years, the old Florida Capitol has experienced water damage, some of the paint is chipping off the walls, and its foundation needs some repairs. So, lawmakers allocated a little over a million dollars to fix and mend the areas that need restoring.  

It’s not the first time the museum has gotten a bit of a makeover. Last year, the museum had its copper roofing replaced to fix some of the water intrusion, which cost the state about 600-thousand dollars.

The Old Capitol is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and certain guidelines must be followed to keep up with the needed repairs.

The renovation is slated to be completed in about a year, and should start in 2013. Over the next month or so, the state is accepting bids for companies interested in taking care of the repairs.

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