Florida Wildlife Federation Opposing Amendment 1

Oct 3, 2016

Credit Lane Cheung via flickr

The Florida Wildlife Federation is opposing a solar initiative known as Amendment 1.  The group worries the measure would discourage renewable energy.

The Florida Wildlife Federation is joining the League of Women Voters, Sierra Club and others in opposition to Amendment 1.  The initiative gives Floridians a constitutional right to solar, but that’s not what Florida Wildlife Federation vice president Preston Robertson opposes.

“Well you just have to read the language of the amendment,” he says.  “It speaks to states and counties and municipalities having the ability to ensure that party x doesn’t pay one cent more than party y, if party y has solar.”

The measure aims to keep non-solar customers from subsidizing solar customers’ access to the grid for back-up power. 

So far, Amendment 1 has made a strong showing in polls—often well in excess of the sixty percent threshold necessary for passage.