Florida Senate Candidate Asks State To Investigate Foreign Influence on Political Campaigns

Sep 21, 2012

The candidate for a Florida Senate seat in Pinellas County, Chris Pennington, says there’s a high possibility non-citizens are influencing Florida’s state elections. Pennington says foreigners could create a company in Florida to donate to political campaigns. But he also believes Florida Governor Rick Scott has the power to stop the potential outside influence. When Pennington registered as a candidate he says he noticed a loop-hole in the donation election laws allowing for outsiders to sway American politics.

“You could set up a limited liability company, donate your $500 limit, be a foreign national, and there would be no system in place to check. If that is the case, the gates of Rome have been opened. The United is more global than simply an election by the people of the United States.” Says Pennington.

Pennington is demanding Governor Scott use a homeland security database, which the state is using to make sure no non-citizens are registered to vote, to also audit any company that donates directly to a political campaign. Florida Department of State Spokesman Chris Cate says due to a strict agreement with Homeland Security, he’s not sure if what Pennington wants is possible. Cate is talking to Department of State attorneys to see what is allowed by the state.