Florida Named 'Most Stressed' State

Jun 12, 2014

Floridians are feeling more stress than residents in any other state.
Credit thefitbox.com

Feeling overtly stressed out lately? It may not be a coincidence.  A new study by the real estate blog Movoto analyzed and compiled data from the U.S. Census’s American Community Survey. 

What it found was, though Florida may have beautiful beaches and theme park attractions, it has the most stressed and worried residents in the 48 contiguous states.

Movoto used six criteria to rank states’ stress levels, including long commutes, unemployment rates, health insurance coverage rates and how many hours residents spend working. 

At the time of the study, Florida’s unemployment rate was 11.3 percent. It's now 6.2 percent. Also, 25.8 percent of residents did not carry health insurance at the time that the data was collected.  

The study has gotten national exposure in publications like TIME and The Huffington Post.

Florida's neighbor to the north, Georgia, ranks as the No. 2 most stressed-out state in the country, according to the study. 

Want to move somewhere more relaxing? The Movoto research names North Dakota as the least stressed-out state in the U.S.