Florida Democrats Crow At Session Blowup

Apr 28, 2015

Democrats are hoping fallout from the failed legislative session will follow House Republicans to the polls. The Florida Democratic Party is predicting uninsured working Floridians will vent their anger at House leaders for refusing billions of federal dollars tied to Obamacare.

House Speaker Steve Crisafulli is taking fire from the Florida Democratic Party for blowing up the legislative session.
Credit Florida House of Representatives

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp says Speaker Steve Crisafulli of Merritt Island shot himself in the foot when he dramatically shut down a floor session and sent his members home.

“I think the Republicans just wrote their own worst headline for the 2016 election.”

Before he banged the gavel, Crisafulli took a swipe at Republican Senate President Andy Gardiner of Orlando. Crisafulli accused the upper chamber of bad-faith negotiating. The Senate wants a modified Medicaid expansion plan that relies on private health insurance.