First Lady Delivers Baby Books to New Mothers

May 15, 2012

First Lady Ann Scott is announcing her “Love. Read. Learn. Baby Journal.” It’s a scrapbook-style journal filled with reading and learning tips. She delivered them out to newborns at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Tuesday.  

First Lady Ann Scott said being a mother is the most important job she’s ever had.

“As a mother and a grandmother now, I know the special commitment it takes to be a parent and how we all strive to be a good one," Scott said.

Scott said  she wants her book to help parents take steps toward being their child’s first teacher. The book includes tips on healthy living and talks about the importance of encouraging reading at an early age. Scott said she’s happy to say she’s passed her passion for reading down to her own children.

“And not too long ago, my daughter Allison called me up and shared with me that she had already started reading to our grandson, August, and he was only 10 weeks old. And that made me happy that she was sharing her passion for reading with her son just like I did with her and Jordan, when they were growing up," Scott said.

The group Volunteer USA, collaborated with Mrs. Scott on the project. Liza McFadden is the organization’s president. McFadden says the book includes  tricks that are proven to help kids become good readers.

"You can see how we tried to take what is kind of complicated information and make it simple for parents. So if you look at page seven this is for one to two year-olds, it says 'try to name colors and objects as you see them throughout the child’s day. Experts call this rapid atomized naming, but you can think of it as simply building your child’s word power,'” McFadden said.

The book also includes things like healthy, kid-friendly recipes and places to journal about a child’s favorite words or favorite songs at a certain age.