Early Voting Starts Saturday in Florida

Oct 26, 2012

Early voting begins Saturday, and the Florida Department of State says while they’re not making any concrete predictions, they anticipate a good turnout this election cycle.

In 2008, more than 2.6 million Floridians voted early in the last election, and Florida Department of State spokesman Chris Cate says his department is hoping for much of the same in this year’s election and are encouraging people to vote early:

“When you talk about early voting, showing up at the polling places is not your only option. You also can request an absentee ballot by mail, and we’ve already had 1-million Floridians vote by absentee," said Cate. "So, we’re already seeing a positive voter turnout.”

Out of the more than 1-million Floridians that have cast absentee ballots so far, about 468,000 are Republicans and 414,000 are Democrats. And, Cate says there are few things that Floridians should remember to bring when they go to the polls.

“The only thing that Floridians need to remember to bring when they arrive at the polling place is a photo ID. And, that can be something, like your driver’s license or your passport," said Cate. "As long as you have a picture ID to go with it, you can bring your credit card, where you’ve got your signature on it, so you can prove your signature, but that’s all that’s really required to bring to the polling place.”

Early voting starts Saturday, and runs through November 3rd. For more information about hours and locations, contact your local Supervisor of Elections.

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