Diabetes Walk Targets Silent Killer

May 29, 2018

It didn't take the dozens of striders long to finish the two-mile course through the Jake Gaither Neighborhood.

The first walker across the finish line during Saturday's (5/26) Walk Against Diabetes
Credit Tom Flanigan

Among the first across the finish line, Past Commander of Ahmed Court 37, Lorraine James.

"It's important that we come out and step for diabetes and make everyone aware of this silent killer," she said. "One of the things we do on the national level is to raise funds and promote the Walk so that we can promote awareness with everyone."

Meanwhile Ricco James, the head noble of Ahmed Temple 37, said there was more to see and learn inside the Jake Gaither Community Center.

"We have tables on the inside that show information that will help you in the process of taking care of yourself and other family members," he pointed out.

This year's Leon County Health Assessment released 2 months ago pegs the incidence of diabetes in the county's majority African-American neighborhoods at nearly 1 in 5 residents.