DesignWorks Studio Wants To Help Grow Tallahassee's Urban Side

Mar 8, 2013

The DesignWorks Studio in the Frenchtown Renaissance Center
Credit Thomas Andrew Gustafson

The Leon County and City of Tallahassee Planning Department wants to work closer with the developers, contractors, and architects of Leon County. The Department’s new DesignWorks Studio is a way to build up urban centers with less hassle.

The Planning Department helped out with this type of designing before, but never in this official of a manner. Prior to the DesignWorks Studio, the free consultation was a lesser-known service of the Department. But now, the Department’s Urban Design Manager Cherie Bryant says, the new visibility means a way a way to curb problems before they arise.

“In some cases, like on Gaines Street, there are requirements to have buildings pulled up close to the street. So if they’re having trouble fitting what they want to do on that site and still meet those regulations we help them interpret and apply the regulations that are already on the book,” says Bryant.

Bryant adds they also have an architect on staff to lend more design ideas beyond just navigating builders through the zoning requirements.