Criser Becomes Head Of Florida's Public University System

Nov 20, 2013

The Florida Board of Governors has officially designated Marshall Criser to head the state’s public university system. Criser’s appointment comes after a committee of the board recommended him for the job last week.

“One candidate rose to the top as the person who could best be able to articulate this board’s priorities and understand the specific challenges the system faces. That person is Marshall Criser," said Board member Mori Housseini, who oversaw the search process.

All along, Criser was considered the front-runner for the position. He is the president of AT&T Florida has had served on a state higher education council, as well as being a past chairman of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

In a statement, Florida Chamber President Mark Wilson said, "I believe Florida’s higher education system is a bridge to Florida’s future. With Marshall Criser, III at the helm, his leadership, wisdom and focus on putting the long-term ahead of the short-term makes Marshall the perfect choice at the perfect time in a state that’s focusing on high-skill, high-wage job creation.”

Criser takes over the position from former Lt. Governor Frank Brogan, who assumed a similar role in Pennsylvania in October.