Competing electronic medical record systems announce new recruits

Apr 19, 2012

There are two competing electronic medical record systems in Florida—one run by private healthcare providers, and the other, by the state. Lynn Hatter reports both systems are being driven by a federal effort to control healthcare costs and improve patient care.

The Florida Health Data Network is driven by local healthcare providers who say they don’t need help from state government. The data network is backed by the Florida Medical and Hospital Associations, and this week it announced it has also added the Florida Podiatric Association. Allen Byington heads HIE Networks, the company helping build the database.  

 “The end game is to improve patient safety and patient care and a reduction in their cost of delivery of healthcare which is burdening everybody through taxes and our insurance coverage payments.”

Meanwhile the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration announced earlier this month that it’s Health Information Exchange has added three more regional medical systems, including the Shands network.  The databases are aimed at bringing down healthcare costs by reducing errors, unnecessary or duplicative services but they don’t talk to each other.