City Commission To Talk Business Tax

Nov 7, 2016

Credit City of Tallahassee

It’s time to stop taxing businesses just to open in Tallahassee. That’s the message from city commissioners who are expected Wednesday to discuss an ordinance getting rid of the city’s so called “business tax.”

Mayor Andrew Gillum says the move could benefit some of Tallahassee’s less traditional businesses.

"There’s an increase in co-sharing spaces where you don’t have as much demand on freestanding buildings but you get one building. You’ve got Domi Station for instance. You’ve got a number of sharing working spaces that have a multitude of companies that are working out of those," Gillum says.

Commissioners initially discussed the change as part of the most recent budget talks, but decided to wait to implement the cut in 2018.  A public hearing on the ordinance is scheduled for December 14.