City and County Team Up To Tackle Affordable Housing

Oct 17, 2016

Credit Alicja Colon

Affordable Housing is a growing concern in Tallahassee and Leon County. And both the city and county commission are looking for solutions.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum says the city is facing something of a housing crisis and he says it’s not just impacting the city’s lowest income residents.

“We’re talking about working people who earn pretty decent salaries but maybe living by themselves, not yet married, want to live around midtown or down town. And are trying to find really reasonable places where they could purchase a home or even pay reasonable rents. And that’s a challenge for them," Gillum says.

The city and county are planning a workshop to discuss the issue next week. Meanwhile, county commissioners will hear a report during their meeting Tuesday on the Leon County/Tallahassee Affordable Housing taskforce. The group recently toured affordable housing efforts in Atlanta, New Orleans and St. Petersburg.