Bennett Addresses N. Fla Superintendents Concerns On Evaluations

Feb 8, 2013

Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett has been on the job for about a month but he’s already got a year’s worth of issues piling up on his desk. Bennett met with a group of North Florida School Superintendents Friday, fielding questions on everything from the state’s controversial new evaluation process, to funding the merit pay part of the merit pay law. Bennett says he’s open to suggestions from superintendents on how to improve the evaluation system, which teachers say is unfair.                               

“What we are in the process of doing is taking discussions like the one we had today, taking it right back to the legislature, and saying, ‘this is what we heard, here are some specific issues, and these are some ideas on potential solutions to that.’ So that’s what we’re doing at this point in time," Bennett said after the meeting.

Teachers now have their pay and jobs based on student performance. But some teachers are judged on students they don’t teach.