AT&T Florida President Criser Tapped To Head State University System

Nov 12, 2013

The president of AT&T Florida has been tapped to head Florida’s public university system.

In addition to being president of AT&T Florida, Criser also sits on the University of Florida’s Board of Trustees and serves on a council made up of public and private universities and community and state colleges.  During an interview with the Florida Board of Governors search committee, Criser said he is ready for the job:

“I basically would resolve any conflict I had in favor of this position and would be prepared to meet your expectations of ...when and where, and what a chancellor would do," he said.

Criser assumes the position vacated by Frank Brogan, who left Florida in October to head Pennsylvania’s higher education system. Criser had been  considered the front runner for the job, beating out a field of 19 applicants and three other finalists.