Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends; Experts Warn Of Strong Seasons To Come

Nov 30, 2012

Hurricane Isaac making its way through the Gulf of Mexico
Credit NASA Earth Observatory

Friday marks the end of this year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season. It produced nineteen storms with three hitting Florida.

For the past few years, Atlantic air currents have saved Florida from severe hurricanes. That’s according to Erik Salna with the International Hurricane Research Center at Florida International University.

“So many storms have been formed, but so many of them stayed off shore because they all curved away from the U.S coast line.” Salna said.

Salna says Florida is halfway into a 30-year cycle of intense hurricanes. But Dennis Feltgen with National Hurricane Center says it’s too early to tell what the next year will hold.

“The signals that will tell us a little bit about what the coming hurricane season will be really don’t begin showing themselves until we get into the early spring months.” Feltgen said.

Feltgen says the Center will release its 2013 hurricane outlook in late May.

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