Applicant Pool To Choose Next FDOT Secretary Narrowed To Three

Dec 18, 2014

Credit FDOT's website

With Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad’s departure weeks away, Governor Rick Scott is now a step closer to naming the Secretary’s replacement. A nine-member panel tasked with narrowing down the list of candidates for the job recommended three to the Governor Thursday.

After talking over the nine listed applicants, the Florida Transportation Commission unanimously chose Jim Boxold—FDOT’s current chief of staff—as the first nominee. And, Commissioner Beth Kigel says he’s done a great job in the past.

“Being able to work with the legislature and the Governor’s office in moving the legislative agenda forward for FDOT—given the timeframe that we’re talking about here as well, I think that’s a particular flavor that’s strongly desired. The current Secretary has been outstanding in that regard,” said Kigel.

The other two candidates are Arthur Misiaszek, a Connecticut engineer who has experience working for Amtrak, and Gene Conti, the former Secretary of North Carolina’s Department of Transportation. Among those dropped from the candidate pool were FDOT's Assistant Secretary Richard Biter as well as Rep. Lake Ray (R-Jacksonville). Another candidate withdrew.

Update from 12/19/14: CLICK HERE to find out Governor Scott's pick.

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