After Local Debates, Bill Filed Banning Confederate Flag On Government Property

Aug 20, 2015

Credit MGN Online

A Florida lawmaker has filed a measure banning the display of the Confederate flag on local or state government-owned property.

Sen. Geraldine Thompson (D-Orlando) says she’s tired of hearing about different areas of the state flying the Confederate flag proudly.

“State owned properties in Marion County, also in Walton County, close to the Capitol here in Tallahassee,” said Thompson.

And, she says with Florida’s diverse population, those flags need to come down.

“And, I think when all taxpayers who come from different racial groups, different religious groups, etc., when their funds are used to either own or lease these properties, then we should not fly or display emblems that are offensive to individual groups within the state of Florida,” added Thompson.

Thompson says she’s unsure if there’s an appetite for such a bill in the Florida Legislature, but it’s worth a discussion.

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