Abortion Advocates Look To Supremes In 24 Hour Waiting Period Case

Mar 15, 2016

Credit adam theo via wikimedia commons

After a Florida appeals court again denied efforts to shelve a 24 hour abortion waiting period, advocates are turning to the Florida Supreme Court.  The appeals court refused to stay its order earlier this week.

Florida women seeking abortions now have to wait 24 hours between an initial consultation and receiving the procedure.  American Civil Liberties Union attorney Julia Kaye disagrees with the appeals court decision putting the law into effect and she’s asking Florida highest court to intervene.

“The DCA again turned a blind eye to the hardship this law imposes particularly on low income women in Florida,” Kaye says.  “They turned a blind eye to that the first time around and they did so again this second time around but we are hopeful that the Florida Supreme Court will step into block this intrusive law.”

In a statement a spokeswoman for the Attorney General said the office agrees with the appeals court decision and looks forward to defending the law from any further challenges.  The Supreme Court has yet to decide if it will take up the case.