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It’s About Florida: Halfway Point of the 2016 Legislative Session

Welcome to It’s About Florida. A monthly discussion program tackling the key topics of interest to our state. I’m Lynn Hatter. The Florida legislature is midway through its annual lawmaking session, though not a lot of new laws have been made. Early on House Speaker Steve Crisafulli, Senate President Andy Gardiner sent two of their top priorities to Governor Rick Scott- a water management plan, and proposals benefitting students with disabilities. Gardiner’s son has Down Syndrome, and those bills died in the acrimonious end of last year’s legislative session. Now attention in the state Capitol, has turned to making a budget. The House and Senate are coming in close with their respective 80-billion dollar spending plans. But with more money, is coming more problems. The House wants a billion dollars’ worth of tax cuts, but the Senate hasn’t included any. That’s creating a billion dollar roadblock in the path toward a smooth outcome. So can lawmakers come to deal? And budget aside, what do lawmakers have left to do in half the time?

Host: Lynn Hatter

Guests: Brandon Larrabee, News Service of Florida Reporter

Jim Ash, WFSU News