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Biden Campaign Pushes Vote-by-mail Ahead Of November Election

Blaise Gainey
Rep. Loranne Ausley (D-Tallahassee) urges citizens to vote-by-mail this election and to remember to seal the envelope, sign the back, and deliver it.

With vote-by-mail ballots now being available throughout Florida, the Florida for Biden campaign is urging citizens to vote early and by mail. Democratic candidate for Senate District 3, Rep. Loranne Ausley held a presser Saturday to stress the initiative.

“For the first time ever this year I voted by mail and I want to tell you it was so easy. It’s flexible, it’s convenient, it’s safe and It was a great experience," said Ausley.

Ausley says when voting by mail citizens need to make sure to remember three things.

“The signature on top of that seal is the critical piece. So seal, sign, and deliver," said Ausley.

Also at the presser, Leon County Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox reminded people to track their ballots after sending them in the mail, to ensure that the ballot is received.