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More Arrests Made In Weekend Protests Deemed 'Unlawful' By Tallahassee Law Enforcement

Tom Flanigan
Law enforcement officers move in to arrest some of the march organizers after Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell declared the protest an "unlawful assembly."

The total number of people arrested or with outstanding warrants following a Sept. 5 protest has now reached 19. Activists say police arrested two more people Friday and another person has an outstanding warrant.

Most of the charges are misdemeanors. Lakey Love, a leader of the Tallahassee Community Action Committee, believes the arrests are a scare tactic—and she says it's working.

“It would be ridiculous for us to say we’re not scared. I mean this is a scare tactic right? This is an aggressive, militarized three-to-one armed officer attack," said Love."

Love says protesters won’t let that fear stop them, but it will change some of the groups’ behaviors. She says moving forward the group will stop broadcasting to the public where and when they will hold demonstrations.

The group of about 120 people got in a confrontation with police after group members driving alongside the walkers were pulled over in a traffic stop for impeding traffic. Most of the cars drove away but one remained. The driver, TCAC co-founder Trish Brown, refused to get out. Protesters began yelling at officers, and eventually, linked arms to prevent the car occupants from being arrested. One protesters hit an officer and a scuffle ensued.

Some people were carried away with their legs and arms bound. In all, 15 people were arrested immediately. 14 were initially charged.