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Dog Meat Farm Survivors Arrive in Tallahassee

Tom Flanigan

For the second time in 2 years, Leon County Humane Society Executive Director Lisa Glunt says her organization has taken in 4 dogs resuced from certain death in a South Korea dog meat farm.

"We're seeing a lot of the same thing we saw the last time," she explained, referring to the first quartet of rescue dogs that came in July of last year. "A lot of fearful behavior that's common. These guys have had little socialization and their experiences so far have not been good ones, followed by lots of transportation to get here. We're already seeing a huge improvement in them, so we're excited about this."

The four mix-breed males, named "Kyle," "Stanley," "Andy," and "Ollie" will be in foster care until they're ready for permanent adoption. And, as happened last year, Glunt said the local Society office was already coming under fire for accepting the animals. Some critics feared area animals in need of adoption might be passed over in favor of the new arrivals, but Glunt insisted there are plenty of resources to go around. Then there are those accusing the Society of trying to impose foreign values on a culture where consuming the meat of animals considered pets in the West has been traditional. Glunt said that wasn't happening, either.

"You know, the (meat) farmers are actually asking for help," she said. "They're willingly accepting it and Humane Society International goes in there, not to take their business, but to give them something they can grow with."

She said the 4 dogs that came to Tallahassee were among about 80 animals rescued from this particular farm, which is being converted to raising mushrooms.

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