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A Musical Fundraiser for Lincoln's Drumline


When it comes to high school marching bands, one of the most competitive areas involves the band’s drum line. Now some Tallahassee band parents have set up a fundraiser to make their school’s drum line even more competitive.

Band parent Amelia Tillman’s son Dylan is a member of Lincoln High School’s drum line.

“This is the only school in Leon County that sends a drum line to competition. And they’re going off to these competitions and they’re representing Tallahassee,” she pointed out.

That means travel. That means extra wear and tear on uniforms and equipment. Tillman said all that poses a real fiscal challenge for Lincoln Drumline Director Zach Rogers.

“Parents have to pay a one-time fee. It depends on what it is from year to year, and that’s all the money he has to work with. It’s just not enough.”

Holding a bake sale seemed an inadequate response, so Tillman came up with another way to raise some drumline funding.

“So I said, well let’s try and put this fundraiser together. So I called on Hurricane’s because I book their music and I asked if we good combine a gig with ‘Mr. Perfect’, bring in the Lincoln Drumline and show them what they do.”

“Mr. Perfect,” by the way, is the name of the band fronted by Tillman’s husband, well-known Capital City musician Drew Tillman. Who said he had no problem essentially playing second-fiddle….rather second guitar, to a percussion ensemble made up of high school students.

“Mr. Perfect is opening for them. And I love that!” he smiled.

Amelia Tillman insisted this isn’t only about putting the drumline in a better position to achieve competitive dominance. It’s also to promote the work ethic, discipline and spirit of teamwork the kids learn by taking part.

“We feel very fortunate to have Zach and we feel very fortunate to have (Lincoln Band Director) Dan Rosman because the kids love them, they look up to them and they’re teaching so much more than just the music.”

Both Amelia and Drew Tillman were hoping for a big turnout at Hurricane Grill and Wings on Thomasville Road in Bradfordville this Friday evening.

“Mr. Perfect’s going to open at 6:00 p.m. and then the drum line will step in and start playing around 7:00,” Amelia said, as Drew added, “We hope we have a lot of community support.”

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