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Competing Post-election Rallies in Downtown Tallahassee

Tom Flanigan

Rallies both opposing and supporting President-elect Donald Trump happened in Tallahassee Wednesday (11/16) evening.

The political divide ran straight down the middle of Monroe Street. The anti-Trump rally was in front of the Historic Florida Capitol. Among the few hundred people there, Cindy Hernandez from Miami. She's a first-year FSU student who's hoping to someday have a law degree.

"I have a lot of fear for my future in this country and with the career I'm pursuing!" she exclaimed, her voice breaking with emotion. "I don't think I should have so much fear!"

The rally was organized by the local chapter of Students for a Democratic Society, headed by Katherine Draken.

"We're here to say we want an end to racism, Islamophobia,and xenophobia," she said.

Across Monroe Street was a much smaller group of Trump supporters, including Joe West.

"It's just to let people know there were some folks who voted for Trump," he said. "Actually we won, but why rub it in?"

Meanwhile a small army of Capitol Police officers kept a close eye on the proceedings to make sure things stayed peaceful on both sides of the street.

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