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Chain of Parks Festival Vying For Higher Status, Profile

Until the rains came in earnest Sunday afternoon, the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival was packed with lookers and buyers.  

Among the 150 artists exhibiting at the event was Atlanta's Allen Hoss.  He brings a lifetime of architectural precision draftsmanship to his fantasy pencil drawings.
"Like the space creatures and alien dogs came from an imaginary story I created about the planet 'Krill' and the people who live there," Hoss said, nodding towards the various drawings hanging on the walls of his festival tent/booth.   
From closer to home came Havana's Jack Metcalf, whose pointalistic paintings are a riot of eye-popping color.
"It's really fun just watching people walk by and the smiles that come to their faces when they see my work," he said, smiling himself. "It's a true joy!"
LeMoyne Board Member Kelly Dozier hoped the artists would give the Festival high marks during a post show survey.
"The artists vote and they rate you and that's what we're doing this time and we're hoping to get on that list of the top festivals in the country."
Which would mean, Dozier said, an even bigger and better group of exhibitors to choose from for future Chain of Parks Art Show and Sale festivals.