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FSU's Entrepreneurship Week Offers Students Chance to Connect

Tallahassee, FL – "Entrepreneurship Week" at Florida State University's Jim Moran Institute is a unique chance for students to connect with the world of personal enterprise. Tom Flanigan reports.

The Institute's Dr. Tim Holcomb says this year is a big stretch for the event.

"This is actually the fourth year we've run this, but this is the first
time we've run a series of events over the entire week."

Among the highlights, real advice from the real world of business...

"We've got some speakers who are coming in throughout the week and we've signed up about 30 entrepreneurs business owners from across Florida who've agreed to come in and work with our students."

There will be a ribbon-cutting later in the week for the Institute's new Student Business Incubator...

"(We're) really excited about incubator. It's a resource that we're looking to support some of the educational programs that we have on campus and give our students an opportunity to develop their own businesses."

It will house up to eight student-run businesses each year. And, since the business world is competitive, Holcomb says there will also be a real competition. Sort of along the same lines as the TV show "The Apprentice."

"We'll have about 20 or 25 teams where we'll give each team $25 and we'll judge them on their creativity and the value they create over a short week period."

Among the hundreds of students getting involved is Brett Shafter. He's president of the collegiate entrepreneurs as well as FSU senior class council president.

"This week is huge for us. Especially on Entrepreneurship Day on Friday - the progressive lunch - the ability to speak with over 30 successful entrepreneurs and really understand what they're going through it's going to be an amazing experience for everyone involved."

It's a week that Shafter hopes will give he and his colleagues a real boost as they get ready to put their drive and creativity to the test.

"Our country is founded on entrepreneurs and small business management. We realize and we have the passion that we know we want to create something out of nothing and that we will stop at nothing to accomplish that."

By the way, the Jim Moran Institute isn't only for students. It provides help and resources for some two-hundred Capital Region businesses every year.