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Marco Speaks

By James Call


Tallahassee, FL – U-S Senate candidate Marco Rubio is stepping up his criticism of Governor Charlie Crist, his opponent for the Republican nomination. Rubio told a gathering of Associated Press editors that Crist's appearance with President Obama in Fort Myers did a disservice to the GOP's attempts to limit government.

Rubio was scheduled to speak at the AP event after Crist. The governor discussed his agenda for the upcoming legislative session, while Rubio expanded on why he was running for the Senate: to limit government spending.

On that note, Rubio did say Crist joined the wrong side of the debate when he supported President Obama's stimulus package last year.

"The choice was not between the stimulus plan or nothing. There were alternatives to the stimulus package, and my criticism is that when Charlie Crist lined up in favor of the stimulus package, he cut the legs out from under those Republicans across the country that were working to advocate for an alternative that I believe would have been better for America."

Polls indicate Rubio has erased Crist's lead for the Senate nomination. The two are in a virtual tie among Republican voters.