Fresh Picked Prose: Lauren Lee Fusilier

Apr 24, 2014

Lauren Lee Fusilier hails from the heart of Cajun country in Louisiana. Florida State University, where she earned an MFA in Fiction, brought her out to Tallahassee.

Fresh Picked Prose: Ron Paul Salutsky

Apr 24, 2014

This May, Ron Paul Salutsky will graduate with the PhD in English from FSU.  A native Kentuckian, Salutsky's first book, Romeo Bones, was published in 2013 by Steel Toe Books.

Fresh Picked Prose: Micah Dean Hicks

Apr 11, 2014

Micah Dean Hicks is a PhD student in creative writing at Florida State University. He writes stories about Southern experience and modern fairy tales. His book, Electricity and Other Dreams, was published in November.

Fresh Picked Prose: Charlie Beckerman

Apr 11, 2014

Charlie Beckerman is a 3rd year MFA in Fiction at Florida State University.

Fresh Picked Prose: Chris Mink

Apr 11, 2014

Chris Mink is a 4th year PhD poet at Florida State University.

Fresh Picked Prose: Laura Steadham Smith

Apr 8, 2014

Laura Steadham Smith is a third-year MFA student Florida State University.

Preliminary results on the writing portion of the Florida Comprehensive Test show a vast majority of students failed. Only about a quarter of fourth graders received a passing score of 4 or better on the test. That’s compared to more than 80-percent of students who passed it last year.

There were similar drops in test scores for eighth and tenth graders.

Florida’s board of education has an emergency meeting set for Tuesday to discuss the new results of the state’s writing test.