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City of Tallahassee Officials Giving Hurricane Preparedeness Presentation at Tallahassee Senior Center
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The first named Hurricane of the 2019 Season skipped Tallahassee but officials say the season is just getting started. They’re urging everyone – especially people who are elderly or disabled – to get prepared in case of a natural disaster. City officials gave a hurricane preparedness presentation Wednesday at the Tallahassee Senior Center.

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Electric Cooperatives from Northwest Florida and beyond have shifted their focus to hurricane preparedness as the season is underway.


A legendary Capital City band returns to the stage this Friday night. Tom Flanigan reports the reunion is sure to bring back memories for those who remember the so-called “golden age” of the Tallahassee Strip.

Lamar Wilson

A national broadcast beginning PBS this week will be of particular interest to North Florida viewers. At the same time, the TV program plumbs some unsettling history.

Tom Flanigan

More kids in the area hit by Hurricane Michael last year will soon be sleeping better thanks to another volunteer bed-building effort. This morning’s (Tuesday, July 23) construction site was in the parking lot of Tallahassee’s Texas Road House Restaurant.

Tom Flanigan

Saturday, July 20 was the Griffin Heights Neighborhood Community Day. It was a chance for area residents to connect with any number of community service organizations.

Five black e-scooters are lined on the sidewalk. The back wheel of each scooter touches the grass and the front wheel faces the road. Teal words spell "VeoRide" on the scooter's stem. Tallahassee buildings are in the distance.
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As the first week of Scootergeddon comes to a close, local businesses are reporting a mix of positive benefits and negative impacts.

Homeless veteran
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Tallahassee’s homeless veteran population has decreased from 400 in 2013 to about 100 now. But, veterans advocate Washington J. Sanchez says the community is working to keep bringing that number down. The city is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for veterans.

Tom Flanigan

The so-called “trades” are today’s hottest job options.   Tallahassee Community College has now received a big boost to its training program for welders.

Mirko Cescka speaking to a member of his legal team.
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A Crawfordville man is accused of physically, verbally and sexually abusing his two adopted daughters. The 22-year-old twins say 58-year-old Mirko Ceska and his wife, Regina have been abusing them for years up until their alleged escape on July 1.

Elderly lady swinging in a park. / AP Photo

The City of Tallahassee is getting nearly $9,000 from the AARP. The grant will go toward a park in the Greater Bond Community--a traditionally African American neighborhood on the Southside of Tallahassee.

David Kirby

A Florida State University English professor has many accomplishments to celebrate during his half-century at the Tallahassee campus. Still, David Kirby remains just as excited about each new semester as he was when he was starting out back in 1969.

Mirko Cesca walking to the counsel table.
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The bond for Mirko Ceska has been set at $50,000. He is accused of physically and sexually abusing female twins who have been in his custody of for several years. His wife Regina Ceska is also facing charges with the victims describing the couple as “doomsday preppers.”

Outside of Charles R. Drew Charter School
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Residents of one Atlanta neighborhood say a change occurred when the 1996 Olympics came to the city. Most call that change gentrification, but in one crime-ridden area nicknamed “Little Vietnam” the city managed to renovate and improve the area without removing its residents. It’s now a national model for cradle-to-college education with safe streets and better quality housing for low-income families.

Now, a group of Tallahassee advocates and local officials are trying to bring the model to the Southside, but there is a disconnect with the school district, a major player.

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The All Saints Coca-Cola building remains up for sale despite numerous attempts to turn it into a small business venture. 

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Those driving or walking Tallahassee may notice electric scooters, or e-scooters, zipping around town. The City’s pilot program launched on Monday.

John Morgan
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Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and Attorney John Morgan are once again sparring. Morgan continues to slam Gillum over the former Democratic gubernatorial nominee's use of money left over from Gillum’s failed 2018 bid. 

Neil Armstrong / NASA via AP

Here in Tallahassee the Florida Historic Capitol Museum is holding an event to acknowledge the day the first human footprint was left on the moon.

Bay County

Bay County’s long-term recovery plan is heading to county commissioners for approval as deadlines for federal housing aid draw closer. 


Margie Menzel

On Friday night about 150 people gathered at the state capital to protest detainee conditions at the U.S. southern border and in Homestead, Florida.

Called "Lights for Liberty," the organizers said 700 cities participated in the vigil worldwide. In Tallahassee, Blair Clawson, a bilingual elementary school teacher, recalled a conversation with a boy newly arrived from Honduras.

Tom Flanigan

est on Saturday, July 13. The occasion also happened to be the launching point for one band's first international tour.

Tom Flanigan

Even as the overall rate of HIV and Aids is going down, the incidence among African-Americans remains high. A three-day seminar in Tallahassee was addressing that over the weekend.

A police officer in green uniform stands in front of a white vehicle with flashing blue lights
Jackson County Sheriff's Department

It sounds like something out of a crime drama. A dirty cop plants drugs on people, then arrests them. But that’s what state investigators say happened in one North Florida County. There's no official database on the number of law enforcement officers arrested each year, but a report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2016 found at least one officer is arrested every day. 

A man in a blue shirt stands in front a group of women showing them a shiny mental box shaped machine
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Last month Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill aimed at promoting workforce training for students and adults. Recently the Tallahassee Community College Manufacturing Center hosted a ladies’ night to ensure women know those opportunities are open for them too.

Tom Flanigan

Tallahassee’s newest business set up shop in Railroad Square on Friday, July 12.  The “owners” were about three dozen summer campers who had created party supplies from recycled materials and discarded household items and were selling their creations to customers.