Village Square

“All Bollocksed Up? America + the World, Trump & Brexit” is the intriguing title of this Village Square community forum, featuring a conservation with Dr. Justin Gest, the author of “The New Minority: White Working Class Politics in an Age of Immigration and Inequality.”

Village Square: "Our Town"

May 15, 2015

"Our Town" featuring local elected officials.

Broadcast Date: 05-15-2015

Village Square: "Our Town"

Feb 27, 2015

"Our Town", a Tallahassee town hall featuring local elected officials talking about issues of current interest.

Broadcast Date: 02-27-2015

Village Square: "American Values"

Feb 6, 2015

David Blankenhorn, founder and president of the American Values Institute speaks on "American Values."

Broadcast Date: 02-06-2015

Hedrick Smith, former reporter and editor for the New York Times on "Who Stole the American Dream?"

Broadcast Date: 11-07-2014

Village Square: "Amendments 101"

Oct 17, 2014

"Amendments 101", an overview of the Florida constitutional amendments voters will decide in the November election.

Broadcast Date: 10-17-2014

Village Square: 02-13-2014

Mar 5, 2014

Annual Tallahassee Town Hall, featuring a conversation with Tallahassee and Leon County commissioners about our hometown.

Village Square: 01-14-2014

Mar 5, 2014

A visit to the bar called “Fears” for a drink-fueled discussion including the topics: “What if manmade climate change is real and the social welfare state is doomed?”

A spirited panel talks about “The American Dream – Lost”, and a future which could include more inequality, less marriage, failed institutions and forgotten.

A panel made up of local community leaders in school safety, law enforcement, faith, education and law talk about an American culture both decries and celebrates violence.

“You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby? The Politics of the Feminine” with panelists: Staci Fox, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of North Florida; Rosalind Fuse-Hall, executive director Title III Programs with Florida A&M University; and Suzanne Venker, author, commentator and married mother of two.

Recorded: 01/15/2013

To the Village Square, Tallahassee’s open political and public policy forum, begins a discussion of the eleven constitutional amendments Florida voters will decide on the November sixth ballot. Panelists take on proposed measures to cut property taxes for selected homeowners, as well as a cap for state tax revenue.

The Village Square forum welcomes acclaimed Professor, Author and Lecturer Jonathan Haidt, speaking on “Polarization, Demonization and Paralysis in American Politics.”



May 21, 2012

City of Tallahassee and Leon County officials join with other community leaders for some serious crystal ball-gazing. The fast-paced program includes discussion of the Midtown, Gaines Street and Cascades Park developments and what those might mean to the future of the Capital City.

Former Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Sink and Florida Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Mark Wilson square off over the state of the state and national economy.


Recorded: April 24, 2012 at St. John's Episcopal Church - Tallahassee, FL