Tom Coe

Tallahassee Community College

This is a crucial week for the Tallahassee Police Department.  The process of picking a new chief is fully underway.  A man who used to hold down that job, has returned in the interim and is determined to turn over a clean operation.

Tallahassee City Manager Anita Favors Thompson put  Assistant City Manager Tom Coe back in charge of the police department when Darryl Jones took an early retirement in September.

Tallahassee Police Department

A grand jury is set to decide next month if Tallahassee police used excessive force on a woman during an August DUI arrest. But, lawyers for the woman say the grand jury’s decision has no bearing on a potential civil suit against the city.

Criminal charges could be filed against the police officers who arrested Christina West, the intoxicated suspect who’s seen in dashboard camera video being pushed into a police car and to the ground, causing multiple broken bones. A Leon County grand jury of 20 people will decide whether the arresting officers were too violent with West.