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Leon Classroom Teachers Association

The Leon Classroom Teachers Association (LCTA) met with Leon County school leaders this week to resume salary negotiations for the current school year and next year.

Negotiations stalled after Governor Ron DeSantis announced a desire to increase the pay of starting teachers to $47,500.

Florida lawmakers appear to be done with bonus programs. The House and Senate have unveiled their proposed spending plans for the upcoming fiscal year, and neither proposal includes funding for teacher and principal bonuses.

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The Tallahassee International Airport is experiencing delays after a man stole a FedEx truck and crashed it into navigational equipment. As a result, Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez (D-Miami) couldn’t present his teacher pay plan last Monday.

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Teacher pay, firearm safety and healthcare spending are among the top issues Florida leaders listed as they made their opening statements on the first day of the legislative session.

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Governor Ron DeSantis says he’s confident in public support for his proposal to boost starting teacher salaries to $47,500 dollars.

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Florida’s average teacher salary is among the lowest in the nation. The Florida Education Association says the state suffers from high turn-over rates and teacher shortages. The teachers union wants to change that and Monday, it brought educators from across the state to the Florida Capitol to demand more funding for education.

It's been the subject of derision and lawsuits. Even Gov. Ron DeSantis has been critical of the program. Now the lights could be dimming on Florida's Best & Brightest teacher bonus program. A Florida Senate education panel got started on a repeal Monday.

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Substitute teaching in Leon County just got more lucrative. Today the district announced the hourly rate of pay for substitute teachers is rising from $12 per hour to $14 per hour.

The Gadsden County School district has the lowest average teacher pay in Florida. That's according to a state analysis. Yet, while Gadsden is the lowest, four other panhandle school districts aren't far behind.

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For the state’s largest teachers’ union, Gov. DeSantis’ proposed minimum salary increase for beginning teachers is “a starting point.” 

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Could Florida teachers get a long awaited raise this year? Governor Ron DeSantis, Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, and Senate Budget Chief Rob Bradley have all discussed it, and the state’s largest teacher’s union is calling for it. But there are plenty of questions about how and whether teachers will get anything.

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State officials appear to be giving serious consideration to increasing teacher salaries next year. The Tampa Bay Times reports the Florida Department of Education recently met with six school district superintendents about the issue.

Jackson County School District Recruiter Shirl Williams works to find new teachers for her district.
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Education is once again in the spotlight and so are Florida’s teachers. Local superintendents say they’re struggling to recruit even elementary school educators—a space where finding help has historically been pretty easy. Now the Florida Senate is taking a look, and after years of ratcheting up pressure on teachers, lawmakers could cut them some slack.

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A controversial teacher bonus program could be up for changes this year. Teachers have complained the Best and Brightest program is unfair—it awards bonuses partly based on standardized test scores—disadvantaging older and minority educators.

A Florida appeals court is weighing whether the public should have access to data used in evaluating schoolteachers. The data in question are part of the state’s controversial new teacher assessments, and the Florida Times-Union newspaper wants the public to be able to evaluate the state’s methods.

Franklin County Teachers Asked To Take Pay Cut

Jan 25, 2013

Incorrect enrollment projections, decreased revenue, and tax collection errors officials say that’s what saddled the Franklin County School district’s with half a million dollars of debt.  And now the school board is now asking teachers to take pay cuts to make up some of the money.

The Florida Channel

Full-time Florida public school teachers could see their incomes rise later this year if Governor Rick Scott gets his way. The Governor is proposing a $2500 pay raise, but it has to make it through the legislature first.

“There was some buzz about it, some teachers talking about it discussing it, of course it was positive feedback," said Farrah Donaldson, an English and History teacher at Wakulla High School.