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Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Floridians for Solar Choice draws its power from the farthest ends of the political spectrum. Environmentalists, Christian conservatives, Tea Party activists and business groups. The coalition stands united in a common, free-market goal – deregulating solar power.

Coalition Chairman Tory Perfetti.

“This is something that many individuals, right, left and business, have argued for, for many, many years.”

It’s illegal in Florida to sell solar power, unless you’re a utility.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Environmentalists and conservatives want consumers in Florida to have a more direct line to solar power. Floridians for Solar Choice is plugging a constitutional amendment that is expected to generate heavy opposition from utilities.

Amendment supporters are unlikely political bedfellows. They include green groups like the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy as well as the Tea Party, the Christian Coalition and the Libertarian party.

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Note: Every day this week, we took a look at amendments on the Florida ballot.

In the final installment of our amendment series, we’ll look at a proposed ethics reform ballot initiative that has a bipartisan group at odds with Tallahassee city officials.

It all started with the United Republic—a Massachusetts nonprofit group. Josh Silver is the director of Represent.Us, a project of United Republic.

Young protestors dance on Florida Capitol outcroppings, in support of more incentives for solar energy.
Stan Jastrzebski / WFSU News

There was an uprising at the Florida Capitol Thursday. Not long after the sun rose over the building, those advocating more support for solar power followed suit. But it wasn’t long before the event turned political.

Tallahassee Tea Partiers Protest At IRS Offices

Jun 19, 2013

Wednesday’s “Audit the IRS” rally in Washington D.C. prompted a local response as well.  Across from a nondescript office building that houses the Tallahassee IRS offices, a dozen men and women gathered in support of the Tea Party.  Coordinators Michael Jones and Susan Hemeryck organized the event in solidarity with the demonstration in Washington D.C. 

Small business owner and founder of the Northwest Florida Tea Party, Mike Hill, has officially clinched the Republican nomination for Florida’s second house district, Representative Clay Ford held the seat until he died of cancer just after the start of the legislative session. Officials certified the election results Thursday.

Bipartisan Coalition Urges Ethics Reformers To Go Further

Mar 18, 2013
Jessica Palombo / WFSU-FM

In the wake of Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll’s resignation amidst a racketeering probe, a bipartisan coalition is calling for stronger ethics reform in Florida. The group warns, the bill the Senate passed on day one of session takes steps backward instead of forward. And a bill a House panel will consider on Tuesday does not go far enough, they say.  


In the coming months, the Florida legislature will decide whether to go forward with optional parts of the Federal Healthcare Law. The state’s Republican leaders have adamantly opposed implementing health insurance exchanges and expanding the Medicaid program for low income people.  But after the re-election of President Barack Obama and a Supreme Court ruling, state lawmakers are now taking up the issues.

Every election seems to have at least a few surprises.  One of the shockers in Florida’s August fourteenth primary involved a veteran North Florida congressman’s defeat.  Tom Flanigan reports the successful challenger in that race seemed to come from out of nowhere.

Several groups have been lobbying Governor Rick Scott for weeks to either sign or veto an energy bill. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, the Governor took the third option, which was to allow the bill to become law without his official stamp of approval.

The bill had the backing of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and widespread bi-partisan support among the Florida Legislature with 156 out of 160 lawmakers voting in favor of the bill.

With arguments coming in on both sides of the issue, Governor Rick Scott has until Saturday to take action on Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam’s comprehensive energy bill. Sascha Cordner has more.

It’s an 18-part bill that largely has bi-partisan support as well as the backing of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. He says this energy bill is market-driven and does not pick winners and losers.