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Ron DeSantis speaking at the podium.
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Governor Ron DeSantis signed a tax bill Wednesday that is estimated to save Florida families nearly $47 million during two sales tax holidays. Another part of the bill is expected to save commercial real estate renters more than $64 million by reducing the tax rate.

Florida Governor's Office

Florida Governor Rick Scott is proposing a raft of tax cuts amounting to $180 million.

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It may be a shell of its former self, but Thursday, Senate lawmakers moved forward with a tax cut package for the coming year.  The proposal seems likely to return to the House only about one tenth the size it was when it left.

Senate Lawmakers Slash Gov. Scott's Tax Cut Plan

Mar 3, 2016 /

Florida lawmakers dealt another blow to Governor Rick Scott’s budget priorities Thursday, when the Senate Appropriations Committee pushed through a scaled back tax cut package.

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The Florida Senate has rolled out a plan its education budget chairman says is aimed at creating parity between state and local funding for school districts. The move sets up a potential showdown on tax cuts.

The House and Senate gave tentative approval Thursday to competing spending plans that hover around $80 billion. Republicans touted tax cuts while Democrats railed against budget cuts.

Governor Scott promoted his tax plan with cornhole Wednesday.
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House lawmakers approved a wide-ranging tax plan Wednesday.  The House package would cut just shy of one billion dollars in taxes.

Finance and Tax Chairman Matt Gaetz
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House lawmakers seem to be whistling past the graveyard—preparing to push forward a billion dollars in tax cuts similar to those championed by Governor Rick Scott.  But recent projections from state economists mean those efforts could face major head winds.

Governor Rick Scott.
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Florida Governor Rick Scott made his billion dollar tax cut pitch before a senate tax panel Monday.   Lawmakers also took up a handful of other tax proposals in the Finance and Tax Committee.

FL Gov. Rick Scott
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Governor Rick Scott’s $79 billion  spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year echoes proposals of old—tax cuts for businesses, and more money for economic development. But  he’s also doubling down on his bid to get more money for his main job creation agency, Enterprise Florida.

Legislative leaders made their pitch at the Capitol Wednesday.
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Elected officials gathered at the Capitol's observation deck Wednesday to lay out their plans for the coming year.  The Associated Press hosts the annual event.

Satellite is charged at a higher state rate but that may be coming to an end.
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Florida’s communication services tax is being cut July 1—something Gov. Rick Scott has been calling for since the beginning of this year’s legislative session.  But a recent court case on the issue could make the tax a bit more expensive for the state.

Florida House

The Florida House of Representatives has released its own tax cut plan on the same day that Governor Rick Scott came to demonstrate his own ideas in the same building. The move sets up a clash in the legislature over which taxes should go.

FL House Finance & Tax Committee
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Florida Gov. Rick Scott is touring the state in support of his plan to cut cable and cellphone taxes.  He’s finding support in the statehouse but some lawmakers would prefer more targeted tax breaks.

The Governor is making noise about a proposal to lower Floridians’ taxes by more than $600 million.  The response from Matt Gaetz (R-Fort Walton Beach) chair of the House Finance and Tax committee is effusive.

Governor Rick Scott will be getting his half-billion dollars’ worth of tax breaks for Floridians.

The Senate has approved an extra $105 million in tax breaks Thursday.  The deal divvies up the funds between a dozen different proposals, including extra tax breaks for manufacturers and new sales tax holidays. Senate Appropriations Chairman Joe Negron explains the package.                 

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If Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed $500 million in tax cuts pass, that money is going to have to come from somewhere. A group of lawmakers and teachers rallying at the capital Thursday say they hope it won’t come from the education budget.

Rep. Karen Castor Dentel (D-Maitland) says if the state has extra income, it should be reinvesting that money in the state’s schools, not giving it away through tax breaks.

“A shrewd business owner would take those dollars and reinvest them into growing his business and creating new jobs.”

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Members of the House Appropriations Committee Wednesday attempted to get answers about whether Governor Scott’s proposed half-billion dollar tax cut would benefit the state’s economy.  And a top economic analyst says a soon-to-be-released report may offer some clarity.

Monday Florida Governor Rick Scott  held ceremonial bill signings for a jobs package he promoted during this year’s legislative session. James Call reports, the governor’s staff arranged ceremonies at north Florida business locations to promote what the governor says are the benefits the legislation will deliver to small businesses.