Tallahassee City Commissioner Gil Ziffer

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No matter the victor, City Commission Seat 5 will be getting a new face this election. Four candidates vying for the seat are talking ethics, development, crime and law enforcement.

city bus
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The City of Tallahassee, in conjunction with the Homeless/At-Risk Veterans Stand Down event, is offering free rides to veterans this Friday and Saturday.

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The City of Tallahassee is encouraging residents to ditch their cars and take public transportation for a spin as part of Florida’s Active Transportation Week.


Tallahassee Commissioner and incoming Florida League of Cities President Gil Ziffer is vowing to step up his fight against what calls a legislative power grab.

LeMoyne Foundation

Local officials are gloating after a prominent trade journal named Tallahassee’s annual LeMoyne Art Festival the best in the nation.

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Tallahassee City Commissioner Gil Ziffer says although a proposed increase in the homestead tax break would keep money in the pockets of homeowners, the move could hurt local governments. 

Alert Today Florida youtube channel

A statewide initiative launched in select Florida counties is now underway in Leon County. The Alert Tonight Florida campaign focuses on improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

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Florida has the second highest incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the nation. A new initiative aims to make more communities across the state dementia-friendly. And, the first area chosen to pilot that effort is the state’s Capital City region.

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Tallahassee City Commissioner Gil Ziffer is moving forward with plans for a community school. The program would house social services and healthcare to better support students and area residents. Ziffer says the next step is involving the community in the planning process.

noise ordinance sign
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The City Commission discussed a possible noise ordinance Wednesday. And while most commissioners agree it’s a good idea, some are questioning whether a blanket rule is the best choice for the city.

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A much-anticipated facility to aid Tallahassee’s homeless population had its ribbon cutting ceremony today. The shelter is one of the largest and most comprehensive of its kind.

Commissioner Ziffer
City of Tallahassee

The Tallahassee City Commission will decide whether to introduce an ethics ordinance Wednesday, but a similar ballot initiative may negate its efforts if it passes in November.

Two years ago, the Commission appointed an ethics advisory panel to assist them in crafting the new ethics ordinance.  The Commission’s choice to reject some of that panel’s suggestions prompted a citizen-led ballot initiative beefing up oversight. Last week, the Commission voted to place the amendment on the ballot. But on Wednesday, they’ll vote on their original ordinance.

Perspectives: Redevelopment In Tallahassee

Jul 25, 2014

It seems these days that everywhere you look there’s a road closed, an apartment complex going up, or a building being torn down. You may have also tripped over a broken sidewalk recently, or have been wondering what happened to the direct flights to Washington D.C from the Tallahassee airport. So what does all this mean for the state’s Capital City and its economy? And how much change are we expecting to see in the next few years?

Tallahassee’s bustling midtown district is home to popular bars, quirky businesses and according to new federal data, a hot jobs market.

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau listed the 32312 area code as the best place in Florida for young people to find jobs. Tallahassee officials have worked for years to diversity the local economy and have focused their attention in the area around the state capitol building. But Tallahassee City Commissioner Gil Ziffer says the Midtown and Thomasville Road area pretty much happened on its own.

Tallahassee is working to market itself to retirees and young professionals. A national survey released over the summer shows Baby Boomers are flocking South for their retirement years and Tallahassee was named the top retirement destination. But what attracts retirees may or may not attract young professionals looking to start up careers. So this morning on Perspectives we’ll talk about the city’s efforts in branding itself to appeal to these two different groups and whether it creates some conflicts along the way.

Host: Lynn Hatter