Stephen Smith

With two landslide victories under their belts, environmentalists say they are waiting to decide whether to revive a solar ballot initiative in 2018.

Environmental, political and religious groups say they hope to eclipse a controversial solar power ballot initiative known as Amendment 1.

The sun appears to be setting on a solar power ballot initiative, with organizers saying they may not collect enough signatures by a February 1st deadline.

Jump starting even a small solar power industry in the Sunshine State is a lot harder than it sounds. But as Jim Ash reports, backers of a constitutional amendment are celebrating this week after clearing an initial hurdle.

Young protestors dance on Florida Capitol outcroppings, in support of more incentives for solar energy.
Stan Jastrzebski / WFSU News

There was an uprising at the Florida Capitol Thursday. Not long after the sun rose over the building, those advocating more support for solar power followed suit. But it wasn’t long before the event turned political.