Tom Flanigan

This is Startup Week in Tallahassee. The observance is intended to promote more entrepreneurship and business creativity.

Workforce Plus

People looking for work in Tallahassee are about to be matched with business mentors in an effort to develop new technologies. The partnerships are part of the statewide StartUp Quest program begun at the University of Florida three years ago.

By the end of the week, Tallahassee’s dozen mentors will receive the names of mentees on their teams. Workforce Plus is facilitating the partnerships between job seekers, business leaders and state universities hoping to see their ideas blossom into tech companies.

When Florida researchers have a great idea for a new drug or other technology, they can hire private consultants to help bring their brainchild to life in the marketplace. Or they can get business help—for free—from the state-run tech incubator. That organization is saying, it’s been so successful that the Florida Legislature should invest five times as much in it this year. 

Florida State University professor and researcher Jacob VanLandingham has developed a drug he said should reduce the long-term effects of brain injury after a concussion: