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A Florida lawmaker is hoping the state legislature will take up a refiled gun control bill during this week’s special session.

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Florida’s Senate President is considering bringing lawmakers back to Tallahassee to strike a deal on medical marijuana. A plan to roll out the state’s new rules unraveled at the end of session.

Lawmakers return to Tallahassee August 10, but what are they putting off at home?
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Lawmakers are preparing their return to Tallahassee, but for some August’s special session will complicate professional lives at home.

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As lawmakers return to the capitol to tie up loose ends, many tax-minded Floridians may wonder what the emergency session means for them.

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Despite telling his agency heads to list the state’s most critical service needs in the event of a government shutdown, Governor Rick Scott says he’s “cautiously optimistic” Florida lawmakers will pass a budget before the end of the fiscal year.

House Speaker Steve Crisafulli (l) speaks to Senate President Andy Gardiner prior to the legislative session.
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Florida lawmakers may get back to work on a budget as soon as June 1st. A joint memo by the House and Senate have declared the timeframe for Special Session “A”.

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The Florida Senate is floating June first as the start of a special session. The move comes after the House abruptly adjourned this week leaving the state without a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  

The League says congressional districts passed Monday don't do enough.
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Florida’s Legislature may have approved new congressional districts Monday, but critics say the question is far from settled.  The League of Women Voters claims the revision does not address the issues that sent the old map to court in the first place.

After Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis ordered Florida lawmakers to redraw the congressional district map, the Florida League of Women Voters was ecstatic.  But League President Deirdre McNabb says the Legislature’s special session was a farce.

Lawmakers passed new congressional borders Monday along mostly party lines.
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Florida’s Republican-controlled Legislature has passed new congressional maps largely along party lines.    If Gov. Rick Scott approves them, the new districts will then return to the court where the originals were found unconstitutional.

In just three days, Florida’s special legislative session has come to an end. The Legislature voted Monday to revise the state’s congressional map; the new borders will change seven of the state’s districts.  Leon County circuit judge Terry Lewis ruled two of the previous districts unconstitutional. 

The League says congressional districts passed Monday don't do enough.
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Before passing a new congressional district map Monday, the Florida Legislature rejected an alternative plan put forth by a minority party member. Democrats in both chambers are complaining they were not fully included in the process. 

House floor debate kept returning to objections to the process. As several Democrats pointed out, Republicans presented a proposed map to the joint committee without involving them in planning.

Lawmakers passed new congressional borders Monday along mostly party lines.
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Florida’s Legislature has returned to the capitol to revise the state’s congressional districts.  During the regular session, government workers make up a big part of Tallahassee’s local economy, but the special session’s impact is less clear.

Last week, when Senate President Don Gaetz and House Speaker Will Weatherford called the Legislature back to work, it threw lawmakers’ summer plans into disarray.  For some, like Naples Republican Rep. Kathleen Passidomo it wasn’t a big deal.

Speaker Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) says there's not much time for drawing new districts but it can be done in time.
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Florida’s special legislative session to redraw the state’s congressional districts got underway Thursday.  The proposed schedule for the session doesn’t leave much room for error.

Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis invalidated two of Florida’s congressional districts early last month and has called on the Legislature to present a new map by Aug. 15.  But that doesn’t leave much time for the process.  

Just after the House’s first hearing, Speaker Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) described the compressed timeline.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott is criticizing Reverend Jesse Jackson over remarks he made while joining a Capitol protest Tuesday. Jackson made his remarks while calling for a repeal of the state’s Stand Your Ground law.

Jackson says he believes Governor Rick Scott will change his views on Florida’s Stand Your Ground law just as former Alabama Governor George Wallace changed his mind about segregation following the many civil rights protests in Alabama in the 1960s.

Jesse Jackson Supports Capitol Protesters

Jul 30, 2013
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The “special session” protesters at Florida’s Capitol have been demanding for more than two weeks finally happened Tuesday. But, the governor and most state leaders weren’t among the participants. Demonstrators convened their own so-called “people’s session” urging reform to the state’s Stand Your Ground law.

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Protesters filed into Florida Governor Rick Scott’s office Tuesday demanding to meet with him about the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law. But, the governor wasn’t in, and wouldn’t be for the next three days.  Demonstrators demanded Scott call a special session to review the controversial law that they say led to the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who says he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense.  The governor eventually met with the protesters late Thursday and reiterated what he said during a TV interview with Bloomberg News reporters on Monday.

Lawmakers are back at the capital just days after the close of the regular session. Regan McCarthy reports legislators are starting an extraordinary session to re-draw the state’s senate voting district maps.

The Florida Supreme court ruled the senate voting district maps are unconstitutional, but the house maps are okay. That’s why House Redistricting Chairman Will Weatherford says the House will largely follow the Senate’s lead in the re-work.