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Valdosta police are warning South Georgia residents about a possible phone scam.

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South Georgia residents have a few days left to dispose of their Christmas trees at a recycling event. The “Bring one for the Chipper” event in Valdosta ends Saturday.

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Tuesday marks the four years since Kendrick Johnson was found dead in a gym mat at his Georgia high school.

South Georgia health officials want to make sure residents are taking the proper precautions to help prevent the Zika virus from coming to the area.

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The Florida Department of Corrections went out of state in its continued effort to recruit more correctional officers Thursday.

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The family of a South Georgia teen are now turning to students for answers in Kendrick Johnson’s death. Johnson was found dead in a gym mat about two years ago at his Valdosta high school.

At a press conference Tuesday morning, Chevene King—the lawyer for Johnson’s family—said new information could mean there were witnesses to what led up to Johnson’s death—25 to be exact. And, he appealed to the parents of those potential witnesses.

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A wrongful death lawsuit is the latest legal action the parents of a South Georgia teen found dead inside a gym mat have taken against the school administrators.

In January of last year, Kendrick Johnson’s body was found by classmates inside of a rolled-up mat in Lowndes County High School gym.

Sheriff’s investigators say the 17-year-old was the victim of a freak accident, but Johnson’s parents maintain that’s not the truth and they’ll get justice for their son.


A Moultrie, Georgia man who lost part of his arm to a rare-flesh eating disease says he’s in better spirits. The incident is the latest of at least four others  in the last year in South Georgia.

Michael Hobgood,23, had just relocated to Moultrie Georgia from North Florida two months ago. His parents were raised in Moultrie and moved back to be near Michael’s grandparents. But during a hunting trip in a nearby South Georgia town, Michael had what he thought at the time, was a minor accident: