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Talquin dam
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Tallahassee is getting ready to close one of Florida’s two hydroelectric plants.  The city’s utility is planning a switch to solar.

Kate Payne via WFSU

Construction for Tallahassee’s first solar power plant is underway. Not everyone in Tallahassee can install their own rooftop solar panels, whether they want to or not. But Mayor Andrew Gillum says residents will soon have another option, because of the city’s new 20 megawatt community solar farm.

Lance Cheung

Floridians for Solar Choice is uniting an unlikely crew in support of their 2016 ballot initiative.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Floridians for Solar Choice draws its power from the farthest ends of the political spectrum. Environmentalists, Christian conservatives, Tea Party activists and business groups. The coalition stands united in a common, free-market goal – deregulating solar power.

Coalition Chairman Tory Perfetti.

“This is something that many individuals, right, left and business, have argued for, for many, many years.”

It’s illegal in Florida to sell solar power, unless you’re a utility.

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Environmentalists and conservatives want consumers in Florida to have a more direct line to solar power. Floridians for Solar Choice is plugging a constitutional amendment that is expected to generate heavy opposition from utilities.

Amendment supporters are unlikely political bedfellows. They include green groups like the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy as well as the Tea Party, the Christian Coalition and the Libertarian party.

Capital Report: 04-10-2014

Apr 10, 2014

The Florida House is cobbling together several different health-related bills in the hope the combined proposal will sway the Senate to vote for them. But as Lynn Hatter reports, the new, combined proposal still doesn’t sway some in the originating chamber.

A pension reform proposal is now heading to the House floor, while its Senate companion just cleared its first committee. As Sascha Cordner reports, while both now scaled-back bills have their differences, they have an equal amount of opposition from public employees and most Democrats stacked against them.

Young protestors dance on Florida Capitol outcroppings, in support of more incentives for solar energy.
Stan Jastrzebski / WFSU News

There was an uprising at the Florida Capitol Thursday. Not long after the sun rose over the building, those advocating more support for solar power followed suit. But it wasn’t long before the event turned political.

One solar power company wants to make the most of the sunshine in the sunshine state. Plans to build a 70 megawatt power plant are currently underway in North Florida. But the company, HERO solar, is facing an uphill battle with little support from the state government.

Gadsden County's Future is Looking Sunny

Sep 26, 2012

Gadsden County residents have a bright future ahead of them.  National Solar Power President James Scrivener updated the area’s chamber of commerce during a meeting Wednesday. He said thinks he can supply solar energy to the North Florida area by 2014.  Residents of the county approved a tax incentive program, giving National Solar the go ahead to develop solar power harvesting sites.  Scrivener said solar energy will reduce pollution, and create jobs for Gadsden County. 

For nearly one-hundred years, Florida’s County Extension offices have been a great place to learn about growing green.   Tom Flanigan reports it may not be too long before those same offices will be the place to learn about GOING green.