The League of Women Voters of Tallahassee got an update on two local solar power programs during the group’s Wednesday (10/25) luncheon meeting. One initiative involves neighborhood solar power co-ops.

Lance Cheung

While some Florida utility companies have raised concerns about higher than expected fuel prices, Tallahassee Utilities officials say they’re not seeing any cost increases on the horizon. Reese Goad is Tallahassee’s Deputy City Manager. He says a diversified energy portfolio is one thing that helps keep local costs steady and he says the addition of two-planned solar farms will build on that.

Big Brothers Big Sisters and ReThink Energy Florida staff, 2014
Nick Evans

A Tallahassee youth mentoring organization needed a little help to get its solar project off the ground and onto the roof - they got plenty.

Last year a local company offered to donate solar panels for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend building, but a long list of renovations – including a new roof – were necessary first.  A number of local businesses pitched in time and materials to complete the project.  The youth organization’s CEO Louis Garcia says they can use the money they save on power to better serve kids.

Capital Report: 03-04-2014

Mar 4, 2014

As Florida Senate President Don Gaetz promised, his chamber passed several bills on the first day of session aimed at denying convicted sex offenders the chance to hurt children.  But, as Jessica Palombo reports, critics of the crackdown say it does nothing to prevent first-time offenses, which they say make up the majority of crimes against kids.