The Shelter

Tom Flanigan via WFSU

A plan to redevelop the site of the old shelter on Tennessee Street will get a hearing tonight. The proposal could transform an entire city block that has struggled for years.

Tom Flanigan

The future of the site is still unknown, but the former Shelter site in downtown Tallahassee is rapidly turning into a vacant lot. Now the fate of the location will depend on the findings of a study being prepared for the Community Redevelopment Agency.

Tom Flanigan

What for many was a nuisance and eyesore in downtown Tallahassee will soon be cleared for redevelopment.

Tallahassee’s cold night shelters will remain open Tuesday night. Officials predict they’ll have to re-open them over the next few months, as the temperature continues to drop.

The Shelter

City leaders say they hope to reinvigorate the Frenchtown community. The planned relocation of the city’s main homeless refuge to West Pensacola Street could be their chance to bring Frenchtown back.

Tallahassee’s homeless population can expect more space, more help and better accommodations when a new shelter opens in April. A new facility on West Pensacola Street is a major improvement over the city’s main homeless refuge.

The Shelter

The National Weather Service says Wednesday’s low of 22 degrees will be the lowest temperature point this week.  And the city of Tallahassee and other groups will be helping the city’s homeless population manage the chilly weather. 

The city is hosting a temporary cold night shelter at Jacob Chapel Baptist Church until Friday. The church will provide more space for people who need warm rooms for the freezing nights. City spokeswoman Lizzy Kelley says several organizations will be helping to provide this much-needed service.

Perspectives: Homelessness

Jun 14, 2013

The face of homelessness is changing and that presents new challenges for those trying to keep up with the demand for services. An expert panel responds to the issue: Big Bend Homeless Coalition Executive Director Susan Pourciau; Refuge House Executive Director Meg Baldwin; Renaissance Center Director Chuck White; and the present and past directors of The Shelter, Jacob Reiter and Mel Eby.


The Shelter

Two months after an undercover woman alleged mistreatment at a Tallahassee homeless shelter, consultants are releasing recommendations for how to improve management and operations there. The suggestions include relocating and offering more services.

The report concludes an investigation stemming from a Tallahassee Grapevine blog post in February alleging the Tallahassee-Leon Shelter staff mistreated residents. The allegations included a staffer asking female residents for sex. A police investigation has cleared shelter staff of any criminal wrongdoing.

United Way
United Way of the Big Bend

The major funder for a Tallahassee homeless shelter that’s being investigated for possible unsafe conditions is calling for an independent study of the situation. The United Way of the Big Bend is joining with The Shelter to make any necessary changes.

United Way President Heather Mitchell said, she was shocked at the allegations of mistreatment and sexual harassment by Shelter employees against an undercover woman. The claims appeared in a Tallahassee Grapevine blog post two weeks ago.

Tallahassee Police are investigating potential criminal activity at a homeless shelter following an accusatory blog post an undercover woman posted last week. City Commissioners are awaiting the results of the police investigation at The Shelter,  at 480 W. Tennessee St., which they ordered on Friday.

Band members
Jessica Palombo / WFSU-FM

Several local musical acts are slated to perform at the city of Tallahassee’s July Fourth celebration at Tom Brown Park Wednesday. One of those bands is made up of former and current homeless shelter residents, and they look forward to playing for what they expect to be their biggest crowd yet.