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A controversial abortion bill is now headed to the Governor, after receiving final passage from the Florida Senate Friday.

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A controversial abortion bill that now includes a new exemption is now heading to the Senate Floor, after passing its last committee hearing Monday. It’s also teed up for a vote on the House floor, despite continued opposition.

A handful of bills in the Florida Legislature aim to roll back bottle size restrictions for beer.
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Florida House and Senate subcommittees heard testimony Wednesday from stakeholders in the state’s beer industry.  After failing twice, a bill to legalize a popular refillable bottle is up for a third try.

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The Florida Legislature has voted to ban abortions if fetuses are shown to be able to live outside the womb on their own.

Before Friday’s Senate vote, Sen. Gwen Margolis (D-Miami) introduced an amendment banning vasectomies for men. Sen. Arthenia Joyner (D-Tampa) said Margolis wanted to show the male-dominated Senate what it’s like to have reproductive decisions made for you.

“Think about it and consider what it is that happens on the other side, if it could happen to you," Joyner said.

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Although Florida lawmakers filed more than 1,800 bills this year, most measures were not destined to become laws. Some were too controversial in an election year. Some died alone with no companion measure in the other chamber. And some bill sponsors simply lost the race against time.

When lawmakers return from the Passover-Easter break next week, they’ll jump into a fast-paced final two weeks of floor action. But the majority of legislative movement has already happened in committees meetings—meetings that were scheduled to last for an exact time period and not a second longer.

Lawmaker Wants To Keep Closer Tabs On Incentives

Oct 29, 2013
Florida House

A Miami Beach State Representative wants to know more about the tax incentives Florida hands out to attract businesses or encourage them to expand. But David Richardson admits he doesn’t know much about a similar law already in place.

A bill that would let Florida collect sales tax from online retailers cleared a hurdle in the Senate on Tuesday. The change could bring in hundreds of millions of revenue dollars, but the cash influx would be offset by new tax breaks.

The bill is being called the Detert-Margolis Tax Reform Act, named for co-sponsors, Republican Sen. Nancy Detert and Democratic Sen. Gwen Margolis. It passed the Commerce and Tourism Committee on Tuesday.

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A bill that would make it easier for people with certain disabilities to keep their disabled parking permit passed its first committee Thursday. But, a group of lawmakers say the measure still has more changes in store.

Under current law, someone who’s classified as having “long-term mobility impairment” must get their disabled parking permit issued and renewed by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles every four years. But, Democratic Senator Arthenia Joyner says she wants to eliminate that requirement.

A pair of Florida lawmakers have filed separate bills they say could be the answer to Florida’s elections problems, like long lines at the polls. One bill sponsor says it’s common sense legislation that she believes both sides of the aisle can agree on.

Democratic Senator Gwen Margolis of Miami says she wants to be sure Floridians will not be deterred from voting in future elections. So, she filed a bill that essentially extends early voting days as well as the number of early voting locations.