Senator Geraldine Thompson

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Some Florida lawmakers and advocates are pushing for a bill classifying the abuse of a parent as a form of domestic abuse. The measure stems from a woman who lost her life years ago.

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Two Democratic Florida lawmaker want Congress to recognize June as a month to celebrate the culture and heritage of people across America who are from or associated with the Caribbean. It comes on the heels of bipartisan opposition about a similar Memorial celebrating Haitians.

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A Florida lawmaker has filed a measure banning the display of the Confederate flag on local or state government-owned property.

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The state’s court system will be a top priority next year in Florida’s criminal justice budget. That’s what a group of Florida lawmakers have vowed to do.

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A controversial abortion bill is now headed to the Governor, after receiving final passage from the Florida Senate Friday.

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A bill allowing people to carry a firearm without a concealed carry permit during the evacuation of a declared state of emergency is now teed up for a vote in the Senate, despite opposition from several Democrats.

Florida legislation could impose greater state oversight on red light cameras.
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Using cameras to write tickets was greenlit years ago, but now a state lawmaker is calling for those green lights to turn yellow.  As Nick Evans reports, Senator Jeff Brandes is pushing for municipalities to report on existing red light cameras and try alternative measures before setting up more.

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Two Florida lawmakers are hoping to revive a bill that failed during the past legislative session repealing Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. But, some say the law should remain intact and see it as a waste of time.

It was in late 2013 when Rep. Alan Williams’ (R-Tallahassee) got a five hour hearing for his bill to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

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In a controversial ruling last year, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down core provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.  But some Florida lawmakers are working to put those protections back in place at the state level.

Under the Voting Rights Act, jurisdictions with a history of racial discrimination were subject to federal review before making changes to their voting laws.  But the Supreme Court said the law did not reflect current conditions and American society is far different today than it was when Congress passed the act. 

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Lawmakers are getting a green thumbs up for plan to give food stamp recipients more access to farmers markets.

As part of a push to help the state’s low income residents get more access to fresh fruit and vegetables, Sen. Geraldine Thompson (D-Orlando) is sponsoring a bill that would make it easier for farmers market vendors to accept electronic benefits cards from food stamp recipients.