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This month is Diabetes Awareness Month, and a bipartisan push is underway to do more about the disease that is one of the leading cause of deaths among Floridians.

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In response to a spate of child abuse deaths in Florida, state lawmakers in 2014 created teams to investigate the root causes of these deaths and report them to Florida’s child welfare agency. Now, a similar effort is underway for the state’s elderly population.


Florida's Attorney General and it's next Senate Minority leader are weighing in on the sex scandals that have rocked the state capitol in recent days. Both women are adding their voices to a growing chorus of concern about the behavior of lawmakers and lobbyists and the culture of the legislature.


A school bus safety bill is now heading to Governor Rick Scott, after passing the Senate this week. But, it not only received bipartisan support, but some bipartisan opposition as well.

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A Stand Your Ground-related bill passed the Florida Senate Wednesday, but not without some opposition.

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Recent reporting suggests Florida’s trial judges are more likely to give harsh sentences to people of color.  Now two Florida lawmakers want the state to begin tracking the sentences handed down as a way to stamp out disparities.

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Some Florida lawmakers aren’t too happy about President-Elect Donald Trump’s tweet criticizing what he calls the “out of control” costs for the Pentagon’s most expensive weapons program.

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A bill building on past reforms to Florida’s prison system is continuing to take shape.

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The head of the Florida Department of Corrections received unanimous approval during her second Senate confirmation hearing. Her initial hearing occurred in November.

As a private prison health provider’s contract with the state draws to an end, some wonder how Corizon’s cancellation of the contract will impact Florida inmates as well as employees.

Some are hailing a decision by the main private provider charged with the health care of Florida’s inmates to terminate its contract with the state.

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The head of Florida’s juvenile justice system encountered some friction, during her initial Senate confirmation hearing.

Florida Department of Corrections

Florida’s troubled prison system is going through a bit of a revamp, as it also seeks to retain its correctional officers. As part of the Secretary’s latest endeavor, she’s trying to give the agency a new mission as well as a new logo.

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A bill making it illegal to discharge a firearm for recreational purposes in residential neighborhoods cleared its first committees in the House and Senate Wednesday. But, it comes with some concerns.

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Bills aimed at helping Florida’s youth have passed the state Senate Wednesday.

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The Florida Senate has passed an omnibus prison reform package aimed at revamping Florida’s troubled prison system.


A pair of juvenile justice reform bills is continuing to gain traction in the Florida Legislature.

CONNECT, Florida’s unemployment website, has been criticized for having a laundry list of unresolved problems since it began. Now, its oversight agency is being treated to a long-overdue audit.

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During their first week back, Florida lawmakers discussed some ways to reform the state’s prison system—currently plagued by allegations of inmate abuse by prison guards and cover ups.

Sen. Greg Evers (R-Baker) chairs the Senate Criminal Justice Committee. And, during a recent hearing, he briefed lawmakers on an overview of what’s been going on with the troubled prison system.

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The Florida Senate passed a slew of measures Thursday, including a bill that could raise the speed limit on certain Florida highways.

Speed Limits Bill

But, Sen. Audrey Gibson (D-Jacksonville) says she’s against the measure because it encourages Floridians and tourists to speed.

“When you increase the speed limit, you ultimately also have to increase the minimum speed limit. And, so we’re encouraging all drivers to drive faster whether they want to or not,” said Gibson.

Girl Scout
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A horde of uniformed little lobbyists swarmed the Florida Capitol today asking lawmakers for funding. Girl Scouts from across the state came to persuade policymakers there’s more to their organization than addictive snacks.

Twelve-year-old Sarasota scout Reanna Washington says she’s perfected her elevator pitch in case she runs into a lawmaker.

“You have to persuade them and let them think that we’re important,” she explains. “And we are.”