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A bill allowing the surviving spouses of first responders to receive proper death benefits is now headed to Governor Rick Scott. This could mark the end of a contentious debate over pension reform this year.

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Democratic Senator Jeremy Ring is determined to get coding before more Florida public school students. Now his plan is now heading to the House after the Senate voted to approve it on a 35-5 vote Wednesday. 

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Computer coders have found a champion in Florida Senator Jeremy Ring. Ring, a former yahoo executive, believes coding is an art, rather than a science.  He’s putting forth an idea to allow Florida students to choose coding in order to fulfill a foreign language requirement for college.

A bill stemming from the death of a fallen sheriff’s deputy is putting the House and Senate at odds over a pension reform proposal.

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All South Florida Democrat Jeremy Ring wanted to do was pass a bill suggested by high school students in his district. But raising the legal age to ride a jet ski from 14 to 16 is proving to be a bigger civics lesson than he bargained for.

Earlier this week, Governor Rick Scott stood on the 22nd floor of the Capitol and hinted he would sign a highly controversial fracking bill. The measure strips local governments of their power to regulate the oil and gas drilling technique.

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The names of several Florida law enforcement officers who died while on duty are expected to be etched into a Washington D.C. Memorial next week, after remembrance ceremonies were recently held at the state Capitol. Those honored include a former Sheriff’s deputy, whose family has been awaiting the passage of a bill that would have helped them out financially, but died during the last days of session.

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Local pensions are a ticking time bomb in the state. While funding remains undercut and overdue, lawmakers are working to pass a bill that will finally redress the issue.

Local pension funds for police and firefighters are overdue for an overhaul says the Senate’s Governmental Oversight Committee Chairman.

The plan approved Wednesday was a negotiated compromise between unions and cities. But cities have withdrawn their support due to concerns it doesn’t leave many options for collective bargaining. The committee chairman says the comments from the cities reaffirm his belief the legislature is bailing them out.