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A year out from the 2020 U.S. Census, some Florida Democratic lawmakers are calling for a question concerning citizenship to be scrubbed from the census form. And one bill waiting for a committee hearing looks to push for an accurate count.

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Florida Senate Democrats voted to reaffirm their opposition to a ban on sanctuary cities moving through the legislature. 

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A pair of Senate and House Bills looks to address maternal deaths from what legislators say are preventable complications during pregnancy. Supporters of the measure are alarmed that women of color die in childbirth at significantly higher rates than white women.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis has rolled out his budget proposal for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. It follows through on key campaign promises like environmental protection, education and infrastructure.

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This month is Diabetes Awareness Month, and a bipartisan push is underway to do more about the disease that is one of the leading cause of deaths among Floridians.

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In response to a spate of child abuse deaths in Florida, state lawmakers in 2014 created teams to investigate the root causes of these deaths and report them to Florida’s child welfare agency. Now, a similar effort is underway for the state’s elderly population.


A school bus safety bill is now heading to Governor Rick Scott, after passing the Senate this week. But, it not only received bipartisan support, but some bipartisan opposition as well.

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A Stand Your Ground-related bill passed the Florida Senate Wednesday, but not without some opposition.

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State lawmakers are pushing to track sentencing as a way to stamp out disparities in how penalties are doled out.  But at its first hearing, the measure was put on hold.

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In the past year journalists and researchers have highlighted the ongoing problem of disparities in sentencing—often falling most heavily on black and brown communities.  Now a Jacksonville Democrat is pushing for greater accountability.

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Some Florida lawmakers aren’t too happy about President-Elect Donald Trump’s tweet criticizing what he calls the “out of control” costs for the Pentagon’s most expensive weapons program.

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Lawmakers are moving forward with a measure aimed at helping ensure more people’s votes are counted.

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The so-called “Warning Shot” bill is heading to the Governor’s desk, after the Senate passed the measure Thursday. But, debate grew heated as some Democrats tried—and failed—to amend the bill.

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A bill making so-called “revenge porn” illegal in Florida passed its first Senate committee Monday.

Altamonte Springs Republican Senator David Simmons’ bill initially made it a third degree felony for intentionally posting a sexually explicit image of someone on a website or social media site, like facebook, without their consent. And, if the victim’s a minor, it’s a second degree felony.

But, he’s since changed it, at the request of Baker Republican Senator Greg Evers, the chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee whose committee heard the bill Monday.

A bill allowing local governments across Florida to ban smoking on playgrounds passed its first Senate committee Thursday. But, some wonder about the bill’s true intention.

Speaking before the Senate Regulated Industries Committee Thursday, Fleming Island Republican Senator Rob Bradley outlined his smoking ban bill.

Florida’s 2013 legislative session is more than halfway over and that has some advocates of legislation scrambling to get their bills heard. One group is making a last-ditch plea for lawmakers to take up four measures dealing with changes to the state’s juvenile justice system.

“I was arrested for being involved in a fight in school last year. But it wasn’t really a fight, I was the only person who was hit.”