Sen. Arthenia Joyner

The Constitution Revision Commission came under fire Wednesday as a working group met in Tampa to hammer out rules and procedures for the coming year.

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Guian Bollsay

A measure that would make a change to the state’s alimony rules is moving through the legislature. Sen. Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland)  says her bill creates a formula for how alimony should be awarded and puts new benchmarks in place for when an alimony payment should be modified.

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Every year lawmakers file dozens of claims bills for Floridians who have been harmed by state-backed organizations. But very few of them are ever funded. This year is no different.  Two lawmakers, along with some former NFL football players, are hoping to change the fate of at least one of those bills. 

Florida’s 2013 legislative session is more than halfway over and that has some advocates of legislation scrambling to get their bills heard. One group is making a last-ditch plea for lawmakers to take up four measures dealing with changes to the state’s juvenile justice system.

“I was arrested for being involved in a fight in school last year. But it wasn’t really a fight, I was the only person who was hit.”